This, That, These, Those

These pronouns are used to refer to one or more object or thing. For a new speaker, they are especially useful when one does not know what something is called, yet can still refer to when communicating.

There are three ways to say "This" and two ways to say "These". This is because a different form is used depending on gender and quantity of the noun.

In addition, there are four ways to say "That" and three ways to say "Those" depending on the gender and quantity.

When these words are used with without a noun, they become a pronoun, and they must still use the gender and plurality of the noun they are referring to.

Italian English Gender Plurality Rule Example
Quest’ This All Singular noun starts with a vowel Quest'albero
This Tree
Questo This M Singular noun starts with a consonant Questo ragazzo
This boy
Questa This F Singular noun starts with a consonant Questa bicicletta
this bicycle
Questi These M Plural all nouns Questi ragazzi
These boys
Queste These F Plural all nouns Queste biciclette
these bicycles
Quell’ That All Singular before nouns starting with a vowel Quell'albero
that tree
Quello That M Singular before nouns starting with Z or an S + a consonant Quello studente
that student
Quel That M Singular before all other nouns Quel ragazzo
that boy
Quella That F Singular for feminine nouns not starting with a vowel Quella bicicletta
that bicycle
Quegli Those M Plural for nouns starting with a vowel, Z or an S + a consonant Quegli uomini
those men
Quei Those M Plural for all other nouns Quei ragazzi
those boys
Quelle Those F Plural before all feminine nouns Quelle biciclette
those bicycles
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