Question Words

Who, What, Where, When, How? By mastering these question words, you'll be able to ask a wide range of questions in Italian and enhance your communication skills.

Che? - What?

Remember to match the gender and number of the question words to the noun they refer to. Additionally, when using question words in a sentence, the verb generally comes before the question word.

A versatile question word that can be used to inquire about various aspects. Its usage depends on the context.

  • Che cosa fai? (What are you doing?)
  • Che lavoro fai? (What job do you do?)
  • Che giorno è oggi? (What day is today?)

Chi? - Who?

Used to ask about a person or people.

  • Chi è quello? (Who is that?)
  • Con chi vai al cinema? (Who are you going to the movies with?)
  • Chi ha vinto la partita? (Who won the game?)

Dove? - Where?

Is used to ask about locations or places.

  • Dove abiti? (Where do you live?)
  • Dove si trova il bagno? (Where is the bathroom?)
  • Dove hai messo le chiavi? (Where did you put the keys?)

Quando? - When?

Is used to ask about time or when something will happen.

  • Quando arrivi? (When are you arriving?)
  • Quando apre il negozio? (When does the store open?)
  • Quando è il tuo compleanno? (When is your birthday?)

Perché? - Why?

Is used to ask for a reason or cause.

  • Perché hai pianto? (Why did you cry?)
  • Perché sei in ritardo? (Why are you late?)
  • Perché non hai chiamato? (Why didn't you call?)

Come? - How?

Is used to ask about the manner or way in which something is done.

  • Come ti chiami? (What's your name?)
  • Come si dice "hello" in italiano? (How do you say "hello" in Italian?)
  • Come stai? (How are you?)

Quanto/a/i/e? - How much/many?

Is used to ask about quantity or extent.

  • Quanto costa? (How much does it cost?)
  • Quanti anni hai? (How old are you?)
  • Quanta acqua hai bevuto? (How much water did you drink?)

Quale/i? - Which?

Is used to ask about choice or selection.

  • Quale preferisci? (Which one do you prefer?)
  • Quali libri hai letto? (Which books have you read?)
  • Quale autobus devo prendere? (Which bus should I take?)
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